Saturday, September 17, 2011


(This was suppose to be posted the other day but we have had some technical difficulties :)
After travelling all night and day, we made it into Entebbe airport at 7:45AM Friday morning (Uganda time) which is 10 hours ahead in U.S. (so still Thursday night at home). We settled into the guest home of Ron and Shirley Devore, ate lunch, got a little organized and then got busy. Pastor JoAnne, Mary, and Jamie went to the pharmacy and the rest of us went to Katwe to hand out fliers about the coming medical clinic and women's/men's conference. We split into group of 2 with interpreters and fanned out across the area. Many people said they would come and we did pray for a few for healing/salvation.
We are doing well and are so happy to be here! Currently it is Saturday evening and the power just came back on after being off yesterday night and all day today. It came on with great rejoicing! Today, we visited Destiny Orphanage where we did some teaching and handed out gifts to children we had been monthly sponsoring as well as teachers/house moms. It was incredible! God is doing a great work there!
Tomorrow, we will preach at Saints Gate Church, as well as village churches. We are believing for signs and wonders to follow the preaching of the Word!
Love you later!

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