Saturday, September 24, 2011


Today as we pulled out of the Guest House, we were greeted on our narrow street/hill with a truck in a ditch on one side of the road and a lone car unusually parked on the other side. Cars never just park on this street but today was the day. After about 15 minutes of trying to figure out a way through them, a few men picked up the car and simply moved it over-of course! It made me very thankful...that I'm not a man---Picking up cars has never been one of my talents.
We drove through pouring rain to Destiny Orphanage to see the desks YOU BOUGHT and uniforms and pairs of hair clippers. We also went from class to class handing out "sweeties" (dum-dum suckers). We always cause quite a bit of chaos when we go so our visits are not very long as to not disrupt the order of the 1500 children who call the place home/boarding school.
Next, we went to Kampirigisa Rehabilitation Center/Prison. The nurses gave medical aid and the rest of us did children's ministry in the cafeteria. The place has many cement buildings with broken windows and peeling paint. You could almost imagine it being a place that was nice at one time but with lack of care and maintenance, it is in very sad condition. I believe it is "home" to about 200 kids/teenagers currently and about 20 of them are young girls. Some are able to go to a church nearby and many raised their hand when asked if they are born again. Tony Faeth played his guitar and we sang many many songs about Jesus. Pam brought the Word and we loved on them as much as possible. I taught them Psalm 34:10 in song which was very fun (I saw that someone wrote on one of the table tops in chalk "Plsalm 34"-THEY HEARD!) We encouraged them as much as we could, let them know that Jesus does indeed know their names and has plans for their lives.
It was a very satisfying day. God truly went before us and gave us favor. We continue to be thankful for you and know that we will see you soon. Tomorrow at 5:30AM we leave for Northern Uganda for a Safari adventure...I'm praying to see Jaguar/Cheetah (and not just a tail!)


  1. Thank you for the updates. You gals and guys have done a great work extending the kingdom of heaven. You are so awesome!!

  2. I enjoy reading your updates :) love ya!