Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Today is the day! We are boarding the plane in Sea-Tac at 6:45pm and will travel to London with a brief layover and then...onto our destination of Entebbe Airport in Uganda.

Our packing day last Saturday went very well and compared to last year, seemed quite organized. That may be all due to the fact that Denise Doyle, the Ramos Ministries Administrative Assistant was there, telling us all what to do. She truly is a God-send and absolutely fabulous. It's amazing to meet the person who has been communicating with you over email for so long and to have an idea in your head of what the person looks like and sounds like in person. I don't know why I pictured an elderly woman of average height and looks. Denise, however, is beautiful, young and vibrant!

We will meet up with two team members in London, Pastor Tony Faeth as well as, Jamie Connor (mother to Mary Connor). We are so blessed to have both of them coming with us this year.

And so, the journey begins!

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