Sunday, September 26, 2010

It is currently Sunday evening and as we prepare to drive for 7 hours tomorrow, we are feeling content after a great dinner of mashed potatoes, pot roast, carrots and bread.

On Thursday, we went to Destiny Boarding School/Orphanage. We were greeted by 1000 sweet smiling faces who were clapping and singing as we arrived. It was incredible. I was not the only one who could not keep the tears from flowing. These sweet children, most of them rescued from a terrible life of being completely unwanted and now loving Jesus was something amazing to feel and watch. God's grace was so evident and their love for Him was tangible. Pastor John Michael brought out the 16 children who were rescued from the Kamprigisa last year and placed at Destiny. These are the faces of people who God is crazy in love with. Words are not enough to explain the feelings in our hearts---these children now know of a great, real God.

After going to Destiny, we went to Kamprigisa. It is government run-prison of sorts for children who were once on the streets. Periodically, the streets are cleaned up of orphans and placed they are then placed here. There are 2-4% that are there who are actual criminals and also some who are dropped off by their parents because they will not go to school. Enormous difference. One place is full of hope, love, and Jesus. The other-bleak, harsh, survival of the fittest.

We did some medical care at both and played with the children as well. We did what we could and brought many smiles.

On Friday, we went to the Watoto village. It is well funded, well organized. It is a Christian establishment and a Christian church as it's base. They take widows and given them each 6-8 children and then build a community around them. We mainly toured one of the districts and then did a little organizing in their medical building. We got to hold babies and tour their school. It was amazing and also, so full of hope for those who might have been completely lost without it.

On Saturday, we went shopping and ate at a great meal at a very nice restaurant (there is nothing like french fries).

On Sunday, Pastor Tony Faeth preached at Saints' Gate Church and four (Richeli, Nancy, Tracy and Rhonda) of us went to a village church about an hour away to minister. There were probably 100 people at the village church and most of them children. The Pastor was a member of Saints' Gate along with his wife and then they planted this church 3 years ago.

It was definitely a long day but God has been so faithful. We have had great fruit in our own lives and have seen fruit/harvest in the lives of those we minister to. Tomorrow we will drive 7-8 hours for a Safari and will go back to Kamprigisa on Thursday morning before we jump on the plane and come home.

THANK YOU so much for your prayers-we have needed them at times (especially when in the middle of traffic)!!! LOVE LOVE YOU!!!

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  1. wow look at my beautiful wife and all the kids. It looks like our house lol :)