Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hello From Uganda!!!

We made it!!! Uganda is beautiful with beautiful people! We touched down at the Entebbe airport around 8:45pm on Friday night, grabbed our bags (all of our bags made it!) and loaded a bus brought by an American missionary Brian and a driver named Aaron. We headed out of Entebbe (outside of Kampala) straight to the guest home (one straight road) which took about 40 minutes. It is quite a large home with a great view of the surrounding hills and valley, all full of homes, buildings, etc. The smell of something burning (cooking fires?) was perpetually in the air. It is warm but not with unbearable humidity. We are healthy and adjusting to the climate, time change, and new surroundings quite well.

The guest home we are staying in has a wonderful cook named Mama Esther. There is also a young man (American) named Andrew staying here as well (though will leave to go back to the States on Monday). His wife is currently back home in Florida but they are preparing and envisioning being full-time missionaries in Congo (Zaire) eventually. He is a wealth of information (as well as helping Beteliham with her complex camera).

We drove into town today (Saturday) and exchanged money at the Western Union (or whatever it was?) then went on to Katwe (ghetto area of Kampala). We split into groups of 2 with two Ugandan interpreters. Each group going out into separate areas to invite people to church, medical clinics and “healing conference” on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We went praying for anyone who would allow us to with a crowd of children following, some bolder than others who would yell, “muzungu” which means “white person”-non-derogatory, just informational. We learned certain words in Lugandan but if we speak slow enough they could understand our American English.

Continue to pray for team unity, strength, and health! As well as protection, wisdom, and divine appointments to minister to those in need. This is a country where the main religion is Christianity but the U.S. is considered Christian as well (so obviously, there is much need for the true Gospel of Jesus Christ).

Love, love, love you and am praying for your peace as well!

P.S. I am posting this late Sunday night but this is what I wrote for Saturday. We had an amazing day on Sunday at the Saints' Gate Church. What a beautiful church! Tell you more later! We are getting ready for our big day tomorrow of medical clinic and ministry (women's/men's meetings).

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  1. I am praying for you all...last night I couldn't sleep and so I began praying that God would give you the Uganda land. God is so for each of you. May He continue to lead you all, guiding you where He desires you to step. You are all awesome, and thank you for serving our Lord! May the Lord be your strength, your peace and strong tower! Here's a little love to my Walla Walla you, miss you and can't wait to hear stories! You ladies are on my heart ALL the time! May the crippled walk and the blind see!

    Blessings to you all!!

    Tiffany Pies